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                                         Dugood’s concept towards “PC fancy”       

PC computer fancy has existed for years. As a hi-fi amplifier manufacturer, Dugood has kept those problems in mind. During the process of studying and developing “Superior Internet CD Player”, Dugood has studied the feasibility from the pointview of technical indicators and sound enjoyment. Dugood has especially been considering whether it is possible to achieve higher level sound effect?

 Firstly we weigh this problem from the precision of documents. We use many different computers with different drives and hardware systems to rip the same CD song and produce WAV source document. Then we compare these binary documents and find out that they are exactly the same, every bit are the same. The experiment shows that if only drive works we would be able to acquire correct WAV file, which means no data has been lost. Note: the ripper used in the experiment is EAC, which has chosen accurate stream and adjusted the time migration of different drives.

We use different softwares to rip, including EAC, NERO, foobar2000 and obtain three WAV files. Then we compare with original CD disk and found that the difference between them can be ignored. In other words, the difference is even smaller than the change of wire harness.

“Superior Internet CD Player” applies wireless and lossless digital transmission, therefore when highly precise DAC designs are involved, it is very easy to acquire high technical indicator such as signal to noise ratio, dynamic range, and distortion, etc. Passing technical indicators test is a piece of cake for “Superior Internet CD Player”.

We have done lots of blind listening comparison and the result shows that RCA stereo output WDAC1 or WDAC2 have achieved the sound quality of medium and high quality CD player by using decoder placed inside. If we use optical fibre and coaxial ditigal output WDDC and higher quality decoder such as “Boundless sea and sky” or “Glory Year” integrated fissicion CD, the sound quality will be improved.

 WAV files are very big as they are not compressed. Suppose a CD runs for 60 minutes, the total data amount will reach 600M. However, lossless compression APE’s total data amount is only around 300M. Therefore, APE has better catered for function and data space.

As for audio playing software, Dugood recommend foobar2000 as it has the best sound quality and free. 

Softwares such as “Storm” and WINDVD can support DVD sound. WINDVD6 also supports DVD-AUDIO so that your computer can play DVD-AUDIO. At this stage there is no software that can play SACD. “Superior Internet CD Player” conveys stereo instead of multi-channel audio signals. Some DVD music of PCM recording format have very good sound quality as they are lossless. 

Dugood has also compared the same disks played by computer and CD player and the result shows that different computers have different sound qualities just like the difference brought  by different loaders. Some computers might have better sound because they have better loaders. However, if we use WAV or APE files, the difference becomes smaller. We can be sure that WAV and APE sound played through “Superior Internet CD Player” can obtain top quality sound.

 A large hard disk can hold large amount of WAV or APE files. Open and click on MENU, we can immediately acquire top quality music through “Superior Internet CD Player”. There is no necessity to look for or change disks. After using “Superior Internet CD Player”, you might find it hard to get used to the old disk playing style.

All in all, “Superior Internet CD Player” not only makes PC fancy feasible, but also it is a product with excellent function. It can totally change music lovers’ music lives. CD players will not be the only main stream HI-FI product. Computer and internet will be omnipotent.

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